Meaning Superior demon who feeds on corpses
Gender Male
Element Manipulation/Blasphemy
Father Vendetta
Mother Auunat
Sibling(s) -
Birth Pride Pride of the Bloodied Altar
Pride -
Mate -
Offspring -

Born without eyes, but still able to somehow 'see' the world around him through a peculiar ability of seeing through soul-strands. As long as he's near something living (be it plant, or another Raveen) he's able to see by having what they see reflected back into his mind, and twisted about until it's seen from a third-person point of view. This way of seeing can make an individual feel rather unusual, as if they weren't actually within their own bodies but observers of another. He's got two sets of jaws, the upper jaw has a poisonous breath that can kill just about anything that he breathes on, or paralyze them indefinitely.

His front right paw is the only appendage of his that actually ends in a paw, the other limbs end in elongated/twisted mockeries of claws. They're like his Mother's one claw, able to slice through just about anything, and also able to elongate/sharpen to further points.

He has the ability to hypnotize the bodies of those he comes into direct contact with; taking control of their physical forms, while their mind remains completely intact (their bodies won't respond to them, though, as they'll be under this Raveen's influence). This power see to lasts indefinitely, laying dormant in those he comes into contact with and activating when he so desires it to.

There is a small area of his flesh that has actually 'shattered' beneath his ribcage, and the area within seems oddly empty of anything save for granules of sand that sometimes leak out of the hole.


*Infinite Telekinesis
*Wind Manipulation
*Poison/Toxic Immunity
*Poison Breath (Upper Jaws)
*Teleportation (Red/Black Smoke)
*Hypnotic Influence

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