Meaning -
Gender Male
Element Mix - Rain/Sunset/Ruin
Father Wrath
Mother Amaya
Sibling(s) -
Birth Pride Pride of the Unified Destiny
Pride -
Mate -
Offspring -

While his wings are forever tattered and riddled with holes due to his Ruin lineage, he is still able to fly without the use of intact wings. He has a minor ability to see Auras, but it only seems to work to allow him to see the Auras of others if he's really concentrating on it - and then, he tends to only see the Auras when they're leaning in a more darkly inclined manner. Those with a pure Aura of good never seem to ever have an Aura glowing around their forms, and this could be due to his lineage, or perhaps, just a power that's not developed enough.

He has a pair of matching blades, both tied to long silver rope, that he's likely been trained on how to use. With his Father being in a Guild of skilled warriors, it's likely that in his younger days he was shown how to use the weapons by one of Wrath's Guild mates. He has a natural fluidity with using them, as if the use of the blades is second nature to him, and had he not had a bit of training there's still a chance he would've possessed this odd almost sixth-sense of how to use them.


*Instant Healing (flesh-wounds only)
*Shadow Teleportation
*Perfect Nightvision
*Aura Vision (Minor)
*Climate Immunity
*Hex/Curse Immunity
*Thrall/Hypnotic Immunity
*Demonic Control
*Wingless Flight

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