Meaning -
Gender Male
Element Unknown/Gloom/Rain
Father Rhain'Suun
Mother Azariel
Sibling(s) Raziel'Uuhim, Aralla'Shei
Birth Pride Pride of Time Eternal
Pride -
Mate -
Offspring -

He has two sets of wings; one that is useless for flight, and the other which allows for gliding long distances.




*Instant Healing
*Infinite Telekinesis

Familiar Information

Name: Tove
Gender: Male
Type: Blood Mimic
Element: Unknown/Gloom/Rain

Notes: Blood Mimics bond to individuals by biting them, and obsorbing their Element. He bit his bonded on the neck, and the wound is there permanently. Blood Mimics are like mini-raptors, and unlike other Mimics, are meat-eaters.

Powers: Blindness inducing-bite

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