Meaning From Anat, Ugaritic name of goddess of War, consumer of blood/flesh
Gender Female
Element Blasphemy
Father Scion
Mother Jehuutii
Sibling(s) Creed
Birth Pride Pride of the Demon's Dance
Pride Bloodied Altar
Mate Vendetta
Offspring Eurynome

She has only one eye, which sits in the dead center of her forehead. She has two jaws like her Mother, with the top jaw being the one she would likely use to attack and kill with, as the lower set of jaws is more 'tame'. She is immune to everything that is toxic, and is able to turn the air around her into a toxic cloud of blistering smoke and wind. This toxic air can kill within minutes, suffocating any who breathe it in, and rendering them helpless as the poison rends through their system.

Her left forelimb is a twisted, elongated, set of claws. The claws are extremely sharp, and seem to be able to cut through just about anything; including metals.




*Night Vision
*Infinite Telekinesis
*Wind Manipulation & Immunity
*Toxic Winds/Cloud Summons
*Toxic/Poison Immunity

Familiar Information

Name: Kirra
Gender: Male
Type: Shuujanii

Notes: A Shuujanii is something akin to a phoenix, only smaller and more like a hawk in build. They are a native species of the Demon Dimension, and upon their first death and resurrection, they love their flashy colorations and become living curses. Their skulls remain visible, surrounded by silver flames that sometimes engulf their bodies and return them to the beginning of their cycle.

Powers: This Shuujanii carries with him the Curse of Fear - any living creature that it bites will suffer from an immense heart-stopping attack of fear flooding into their veins.

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